iCap 15+- Dr Roubanis Associates

I recently reviewed this as part of a mini group test. The iCap 15+ is a simple yet functional design. It is a favourite of sports shooters due to its' water-resistant coating, which also reflects some sunlight, reducing the probability of over-heating. An another advantage of the exterior coating is it makes the shade almost totally opaque. For very bright conditions (on the beach at St Trop!) there are additional flaps around the opening. There is a slot at the back for cable routing. In case of high wind, there are loops on the underside for fastening to whatever you're resting on.

The iCap 15+ measures approx. 210 x 30 mm (8 ¼ x 1 in) when folded and W 380 x H 410 x D 500 mm (15 x 16 x 20.3 in) open.

For more information and to purchase visit: The iCap online shop
Price: Approx. 50 Euros

I'll be ordering one of these for when I'm working close to the coast or the sun is out. A great all-rounder for the UK as it will reflect some sunlight, is water resistant and can be tied down when windy.


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