Park Cameras & UK Photo Walks

It's been a long couple of weeks and I'm pleased to announce that I will now be running a series of workshops for Park Cameras starting early October, with more being developed.

More information can be found about both my Park Cameras workshops and my new UK Photo Walks venture by visiting the links below:

Ian Pack's Park Cameras Workshops and UK Photo Walks

The photo walks are a great way the put into practice what you have already learned or develop fresh skills and techniques in a practical situation. I've already had people suggest that they'd like to mix both classroom and practical work, which is what I intend to do with all the future workshops. Next year will bring a range of exciting and exclusive walks and workshops. Keep an eye on the UK Photo Walks website for further developments.

The team & I are currently developing the first phase of a video training workshop aimed at stills photographers transitioning to video filming with a video camcorder or video enabled DSLR camera (V-DSLR).

Also, we're developing a portrait and posing workshop and an off camera flash (OCF) workshop aimed at Speedlite users along the lines of Strobist and Joe McNally. All of these workshops will offer great creative opportunities and there will be models available throughout the workshops.

I have to close now as I need to put the finishing touches to the Autumn/fall colour workshops which start later in October.


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