Worldwide Photo Walk 2009 - Brighton Walk Prize Winner

I could give a whole list of excuses for not announcing this on Wednesday, but the truth is I've have other fish to fry (see below).

Well... Due to the lack of bribes or other incentives, Ben & I have had to choose the winner by more conventional means - we've had to trawl through the whole Flickr group! And what a job we had. We managed to get to a short list of three images without resorting to physical violence, and here they are in no particular order:

PJG_4354-Edit by pjgibson
This is an well executed localised interpretation of those wonderful open road shots of the United States by photographers such as Peter Turner.

Worldwide Photo Walk 14
Worldwide Photo Walk 14 by peek101
At first we weren't too sure what it was about this shot. It's the sort of image where you can smell the fish! Excellent post-production.

Discarded by AbuDhabiMel
A well observed image with good strong diagonals with the fork creating a point of focus.

We need to confirm this fact, but it looks as if Mel holds the record for the longest distance travelled to participate in the Worldwide Photo Walk event - Abu Dhabi to Brighton, a total of 3397 miles.

By now you may or may not have decided who the winner should be. Agree or disagree it's Worldwide Photo Walk 14 by peek101. WELL DONE! If peek101 can contact me via the contact page at I'll make provision for a UK Photo Walks polo shirt to be sent in the appropriate size.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event. We look forward to maybe seeing some or all of you next year, or maybe even at one of my UK Photo Walks or workshops with Park Cameras which start very soon. Watch this space for more information.


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