Instant JPEG from RAW

Michael Tapes at has introduced a great utility to extract the embedded jpeg file from RAW files.

This utility if you only shoot RAW files and need a jpeg to email to someone. Also, it saves having to shoot both jpeg & RAW files thus saving space on your camera storage media. Instant jpeg from RAW is available for both PC & MAC platforms and can be downloaded from:

I've downloaded and installed this on both my MacBook Pro and my PC workstation. Installation is straight forward (there's a very thorough PDF user guide available). Once installed the program is available from your contextual menu - right click and away you go! It even allows you to select the size of jpeg file to extract.

A freebie and goodie!

The extracted jpegs are then saved to a folder called "extracted_jpegs" in the source folder of the selected RAW files. This applies to both MAC & PC.

Thank you Micheal, a great utility.


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