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In these difficult times many of us will receive more and more unsolicited letters or junk mail through our doors. Many people will recycle these without taking a second glance - STOP, take a look, you may be missing valuable opportunities.

Today I received two letters from local businesses, both looking to generate more business. Instead of recycling, I telephoned each sender to thank them, which straight away opened the conversation. I was honest with both as the services they were offering I already have reliable suppliers, but mentioned I would refer them should the opportunity arise. Having made the effort to contact these people this gave me a brief opportunity to do my pitch.

In the current climate we need to take and make every opportunity to market our businesses. These businesses have made the effort to contact me, I'll now keep in contact with them. Who knows where it could lead in the future.

Remember, some of the most cost-effective business you develop could be right on your doorstep. I know everyone goes on about the value of your website and social marketing, but it doesn't hurt to pick up the 'phone or write a letter!



  1. I totally agree. These days, we need to make every effort we can. I think a relatively cost-effective way to market, especially now, is making good use of social media. For example, uploading a video to YouTube, AdWido, and Vimeo can get you a lot of exposure if you just put up the right video.

  2. Social media is an option, but there's also a lot of dross out there. Accessible imaging is very liberating, but I've seen DIY video that does a business more damage than good. Whatever is posted to social media sites should reflect the brand values of the business - not a quick and dirty "gi' us a job" video!

    Once a video is uploaded to social media it still needs promotion unless it's got good viral potential or useable content.


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