Pros and Cons

We were contacted by a client today who are in the process of having their website updated by a design business with a "professional" photographer in-house. Normally, they would use our studio for all their work, due to the fact it's technical glassware. The website designers were very insistent that our client use their in-house photographer for the website pack shots. They were very surprised by the results this "professional" delivered, but not in a positive way. Apparently, the photographer was shown one of our images and said it would be no trouble to emulate the same style! I've taken a look at the website of the "professional" and quite frankly there's nothing there to show any competence as a professional at any level, in any disipline. In this case a con, not a pro.

On another note, someone sent me a link to a local pro website as they are waiting for a response to an urgent enquiry by email - they have load of pack shots and wanted a comparative price. I suggested that if this guy is a pro then he'll pick up the message on his iPhone and respond accordingly. On the contact page there is no telephone number or address, I reckon he must be working at his real job today!

If you're a business looking for a photographer make sure any photographers you contact exhibit work on their website that's relevant to your needs. Judge their competence by what they show. If there isn't any relevent work, buyer beware!

Unfortunately, clients who know no better can quite easily be sold a sub-standard product. The web's a great place to search, but there's no guarantee the person you find can deliver images to the required standard on time and on budget.

Inexpensive digital cameras are great, but just because someone has a digital camera and website, it doesn't make them a professional photographer. Someone said to me the other day that someone must be a professional as he's got a website - I've got a blow lamp and pipe grips but I don't sell my services as a plumber and heating engineer.




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