Kata Rain and Elements Covers - Or Kit for the English Summer

If like me you work outside a lot, there will be times when you need to continue shooting and protect your precious gear from climatic extremes, whether it be wet, dust or sand.

In the past I've resorted to polythene bags, bin liners, gaffer tape and all manner of bodge jobs, none of which look at all professional! Now I've found the ideal solution - the Kata range of Rain & Elements covers.

These are a very well designed and manufactured range of weather-proof covers made from durable materials that offer excellent protection, as you can see in the photograph below of the E-702 on my Canon EOS 5D Mk II with 24 - 105 mm L Series zoom lens attached. The end of the lens sleeve is adjustable allowing a variety of lenses to be used. There is also the E-704 available for longer telephoto lenses.

The cinche elastics on the sleeves have a large bead at the end which allows easy handling with wet, cold or gloved hands. There is a double-ended zip closure at the bottom which will close tight against whatever tripod head you use. Also available in the range is the E-705 which I don't own (yet), but will take a pro-DSLR with hotshoe flash attached.

The clear material these covers are made from allows you to easily view both your optical viewfinder and preview/menu/liveview screen at the back of your camera. The sleeves have a strong drawcord allowing easy access and full control of the camera togther with access to batteries and storage media.

I looked at other brands at Focus on Imaging (which will remain nameless) and to my mind the Kata Rain & Elements range come out tops in the weather protection stakes.

Even after a thorough shower the E-702 left the camera bone dry!

So whether you're a keen enthusiast or hard-core pro shooter the Kata Rain & Elements range are an essential item if you work in environments where there's any possibility of ingress of water, dust, sand or other foreign matter. Come to think of it, there are factories I've worked in recently where I wish I'd had my Kata E-702 with me.

For more information on the Rain & Elements range visit the Kata website. To check where to buy locally & pricing visit Bogen Imaging at www.bogenimaging.co.uk

For those of you interested, the above photographs were lit with a Lite Panels LP Micro with a 1/4 CTO gel to add a bit of warmth to the light on a grey English morning!

I've just noticed that Park Cameras stock a good selection of Kata bags and associated kit, including the E-705.

Must go as I'll be late for my next meeting.

Keep smiling :-)



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