Quick Tip - DSLR Mirror Lock UP

When working with long exposures or at extreme magnification, for example long telephoto lenses or macro lenses, the movement of the reflex mirror can cause unwanted vibrations which will cause unsharp images.

With older film SLR cameras and some DSLR bodies you'll find a mirror lock up facility somewhere in the menus. If you don't have a mirror lock up, don't worry as Live View works in the same way. When you activate Live View on a DSLR such as a Canon 50D or 5D Mk II the mirror locks in the up position to allow the sensor to "see" the lense image. Live View also has the advantage that you're not looking through the viewfinder which again can cause camera movement and blur with long exposures or high magnifications.

To further reduce vibrations use a cable release or other form of remote release, 'cos even touching the shutter release on the camera body can cause unwanted vibrations. It goes without saying that you're using a sturdy tripod!

Another factor that can cause blurred or unsharp umages when working outdoors is wind/air movement vibrating your lense and camera. I'll cover how to treat location wind another time.




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