Money Saving Tip

If, like me you've a load of computers, external hard disk drives (HDDs), printers and scanners connected to your main electricity power supply and in turn your computer, it can be a nightmare shutting them down everytime you finish with them. If you're in the UK I've found an excellent solution - the E ON Powerdown aka the Intelliplug.

This device plugs into your electricity wall socket. You plug the power plug for your main computer into the top of the socket and your extension leads for your peripherals into the side sockets. When you switch you main computer on or off the "intelligent" socket senses the change in power and status and switches on or off all the connected peripherals with no hassle.

According the the blurb from E ON, this device can save you up £16.00 a year (based on 2007 electricity costs) which at current rates will no doubt will be substantially more!

For more information on the PowerDown click here.

I bought mine on Ebay for around a fiver. They are available from Amazon branded as the Intelliplug for around 20 quid click here for the Amazon page.

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