Paypal - Problems with Postal Labels

For those of you who dabble with Paypal & Ebay, you may have noticed that the "Print a Postage Label" facility is not working at present, and hasn't been for some time. Apparently, there has been software upgrade with Paypal and they don't know when this facility will be up & running again!

If you're in the UK & need to contact Paypal by 'phone you can bypass the 0870 number by dialling 020 86053000.

Should you need to find a non-0845 or 0870 number in the UK go here you can find alternative conventional terrestrial numbers or even 0800/free call numbers.



  1. hi i have been trying now for 18 months, i have reported this on numerous occasions, they just fob me off, why promote a service when it is inoperable.
    rediculas really.


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