Focus on Imaging 2009 - 2nd Instalment

There was plenty to see and do this year. Canon & Nikon provided all the latest kit for visitors to try. Canon even set up a few big 'uns for people to get their hands on!

There was a plethora of kit from all of the big names like Manfrotto, Gitzo, Bogen, Kata & my particular favourite, Lowepro. There were a few smaller companies offering ranges of inexpensive lighting kit for use with hotshoe flash - some of it OK, some no comment.

Lastolite put on a good selection of live demos during the show as did The Flash Centre. I'm sure there were others but the crowds prevented me from exploring every aisle of the show.

Apple, Adobe & OnOne provided rolling schedules of seminars and talks which proved very popular.

OnOne have introduced a suite of software plugins for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom & Apple Aperture that without doubt improve and speed-up digital post-production workflow. Genuine Fractals is the industry standard for enlarging digital image files without quality loss; there's too many great products to discuss in depth here, so why not visit to see and download demos of the full range - you won't regret it.


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