Wedding & Portrait Prints

I doubt if any of you in the wedding & portrait business have not been asked for copies of some or all of your original image files so that the client can get their own prints made?

By "giving" a client copies of your image files you are reducing your order revenue and opening yourself up to probelms when the client can't produce a print to your high standards.

I used to visibly watermark all of my wedding preview images whether previews were delivered via website or CD/DVD. If a client asked for images files they were supplied (sans watermark) with 6" x 4" RGB files at 300 dpi - nothing bigger, on the condition that I would NOT guarantee the quality of any prints that were not supplied by me. If they wanted larger files, this was open to negotiation!

Whilst at the SWPP Convention on 16 January 2009, I came across a brilliant idea developed by Suffolk based photographer Colin Goody - DateLock. Basically, this encrypts an image file until a predetermined date, allowing you to maximise any return on reprint sales by preventing the client producing any prints until you want them to. More information on this excellent product can be found at the DateLock website.

I'll be covering visible watermarking your image files in Adobe Photoshop at a later date.

Good luck!



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