Homage to the Impressionists

I was testing a new bit of kit this afternoon which has just arrived from Hong Kong - a flash extension lead for my Canon 550 Ex's or 580 EX MkII. And I must say that it's a far superior bit of kit to the my old and trusty Canon Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2. For a start the construction is more in line with the new metal hotshoe of the 580 EX Mk II. The curly cord is slightly heavier that the Canon version and best of all, it will stretch to nearly 9 feet, whereas the Canon Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2 will just about reach 3 and a bit feet.

Looking at both Park Cameras & Canon's websites, this product is a very, very close reproduction of the original Canon Off Camera Shoe Cord 3 OCE3 (which replaces Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2), but with a longer reach and much more competitive price - £30.00 plus shipping to UK.

Whilst checking the cord with my Canon 50D & 580 EX MK II Speedlite, I suddenly came over all creative! The flash was set to strobe at 5Hz (5 times a second) and the shutter dragged for 2 seconds at f5.7. The ambient light level was fairly low and the subject matter is a pile of junk at one end of my studio.

The technique is simple: open the shutter which triggers the flash and move the camera during the exposure and hey presto and Impressionist style image.

This technique is a great one for experimentation. Try zooming the lens whilst moving the camera - move the camera smoothly or jerkily. You never know what you may create.

the final image has been doctored in Photoshop with the addition of an S-curve adjustment layer and the Nik Color Effect Pro Velvia 100 to achieve he level of saturation I was after.

If any of you care to comment on which Impressionist this is similar to, do post a comment.

Have fun.



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