Canon 50D error 99

Just before Christmas 2008 I took delivery of a Canon 50D. Whilst testing it I encountered error 99. On checking page 201 of the user guide which states "Operate the power switch, remove and install the battery again, use a Canon lens, or have the camera checked or repaired." Having done this with no success I returned the camera to Park Cameras who promptly exchanged it for a new unit.

I continued to happily use the camera until yesterday morning when I switched it on ready for a lcoation shoot and hey presto! Error 99 - removed the battery, removed and reseated the lens. Nothing just error 99. A good job I had a Canon EOS 5D Mk II handy in reserve.

The job was completed without incident, except Laurie who was assiting me had to resort to using my G10 for his shots. Which incidentally are terrific. Well done, Laurie. The trouble is, Laurie is now coveting my G10 - hands off, get your own!

We returned to Park Cameras whilst the morning's data was transferring and came away with yet another replacement 50D. Not bad, three 50D's in 4 weeks.

Looking at the various blogs and forums this could be a common problem and the firmware needs updating to 1.0.3. Do any of you have any experience of this problem or know of anyone who has? If so, please post a reply below.

One common factor may be the Battery Grip BG-E2N, which was fitted to the camera body on both occasions error 99 occurred. Who knows? Not I.

Canon say this a "rare problem". I wonder how many 50D's have been shipped with firmware 1.0.2? Personally, I don't see why I should have to upgrade the firmware when I buy a new camera. Why if this problem was identified in October (see below), wasn't I advised to upgrade the firmware when I purchased the camera in the first place?

Ho hum, I suppose I'd better go upgrade my firmware, and whilst I'm at it, I may as well do the same for the Canon 5D Mk II to rectify the black spot in highlight problem at high ISO settings.

Which reminds me; Canon, when are you going to be able supply Park Cameras with the LP E6 battery for the 5D Mk II that I'm expecting? Park Cameras can't give me an answer.

Happy snapping.



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