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Millennium Window - a case study

  This is an image I created of a celebratory window for The Church of St. John The Baptist, Clayton in West Sussex, England. On the surface it looks like a straight forward photo, the reality is different. The base of the window is about 15 feet above the floor. When photographed from below images exhibit convergence and the sky background gives insufficient contrast to show the etched design on the glass. Lighting was not an option so planning was essential to ensure the elevation and direction of the sun cross lit the etched design. This can be done with any number of sun direction apps or The Photographers Ephemeris . In order to get a dark background I needed to decrease the angle between the camera and window. To achieve this I needed to be further away. Outside in the churchyard there are dense conifers which provided the dark background. The church is Saxon in origin so not very big, seating a congregation of around 80. From the Altar wall to the Millenuim Window is about sixt

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